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10 strengths of the Ravenwood Golf Academy

  1. A more in depth understanding of your golf swing and how it affects proper plane, path, face, face to path, side spin, spin rates, angle of attack and more.
  2. Getting better each and every time you come for instruction.
  3. Properly fit equipment (it actually makes a tremendous difference).
  4. Consistency in all aspects of the game to lower scores.
  5. On target short game including pitching, chipping, putting and bunker play.
  6. Hit it farther, at any age.
  7. Know your carry distances for each club. Our software will give you the exact distance.
  8. A plan to manage your practice, the golf course and yourself.
  9. How to prepare for competition and how to compete.
  10. Having more fun!

Ravenwood & The Environment

Ravenwood Golf Club is committed to offering a quality golfing experience while also protecting natural ecosystems and habitats native to the course.

Below are ways that Ravenwood preserves these ecosystems and natural environments:

  • The use of a fertigation system (using liquid fertilizers in the irrigation water) allows for minimal use of fertilizer as opposed to granular fertilizer, thus reduces excess fertilizer going into the watershed and the usage of water (this turf practice protects wildlife and the natural habitat as well).
  • We use plant growth regulators in the fairway, which decreases the rate at which grass grows, thus reducing the frequency of mowing. In addition to that, the cutting units on our lawn mowers run on electric power as opposed to hydraulics, which allows the engine to run at a lower RPM, thus saving fuel.
  • Ravenwood promotes the growth of taller grasses outside of the playing area, which helps preserve natural habitats for plants and wildlife, reduces water usage, minimizes erosion, and reduces needs for pesticide and fertilizer applications. We also allow dead trees to remain as much as possible outside of the playing area to preserve wildlife habitat.
  • During course construction, 7 acres of natural wetlands were preserved. In addition, designer Robin Nelson was able to use the layout of the land to construct the course which decreased the amount of grading and minimal tree removal.
  • Ravenwood has 3 licensed pesticide applicators on their grounds maintenance staff. When pesticides need to be applied, only key infestation areas are sprayed, not the entire course.
  • Encouraging golfers to replace their divots by equipping each golf cart with a bucket of sand.
  • Encouraging golfers to walk while playing as opposed to using a golf cart.
  • 50% of all water drains back into the irrigation pond (helps minimize water usage significantly).
  • A recycling can is located on every tee box.