Visage GPS

Play Ravenwood and check out the latest in golf course technology, the Visage GPS system. This system is installed in each cart and basically acts as a caddie.

As the cart moves around the course, the GPS system displays the entire hole including sand, water, bunkers, trees, and roughs. It also displays the yardage (within 1 to 2 yards) to the daily pin placement and is updated as golfers move toward the hole. No more guessing yardage.

With the Visage system, it's possible to request a new cart, report lost/found equipment and even order meals with a touch of the screen. And tournament play is even more fun because the system provides a scoreboard. You'll always know exactly how well you have to play to catch up to the first place team!


visage gps

Ravenwood Golf Club
929 Lynaugh Road
Victor, NY 14564